October 18, 2009

Good Blogger, Bad Blogger

Seriously what makes good bloggers vs. bad bloggers? Is it our ability to stick to whatever subject that our blog is about? Because if that's the case I'd still be talking about my 2 year old and not quilting at all. Thank goodness I'm a bad blogger. Because I really like what comes out of my sewing machine. Not to mention I love it when others share a bit about themselves while sharing their choosen medium.

What sets us apart? Is it great photos? (because you're not getting any today I feel like my allergies hit me right on my honker) Is it how often we blog? Our giveaways? When I don't blog for a while I think gee "bad blogger me", yet it's our lives that make our blogs interesting...

Or perhaps it's just that it's an outlet for others like us to find each other in our own creative environments? If that's the case then I'm as happy as a lark.

I have an opps of the week. I'm certain if it was a contest I'd win this week. The Student Council at Jessica's school is having their first bake sale. I wanted to contribute (and baking sounded like fun) so I pulled out the best Sugar Cookie Recipe I have (I've perfected dozens and dozens of cookie batches - believe me or not). This time I made three batches. I was certain all of my cookies would be gone as they were especially cute pumpkins, ghosts, and leaves. Then when I was 90% baking all of them I tasted one of the first. Something was not right at all.

Jessica loved them and ate 4 the first day... But still I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong with them. Around dinner time it hit me. I FORGOT to put sugar in. Oh yes the only sugar in them is the sugar on top of them. So much for that. Rob is out buying nuts so we can make cashew clusters and peanut brittle as I'm burned out on cookies for the time being.  At least Jessica thinks they're great.


QuiltSue said...

oh good, I'm not the only one who is kitchen-challenged.

MARIKA said...

I say thank you for your words and your visit on the blog.
You have a very kind little girl.
I have six grandchildren already I am a little bit much already év((: ow ow but yet:)))
I register to read you and repeatedly in to look out on your blog .
I hope so there will be a good friendship for us so .
The lingual difficulty is loosening with the translator.
A lot many loving thoughts for you and a family Marika

Heather Landry said...

LOL I've totally done that before. I'm glad Jessica loved them enough to eat them anyway.

The only time I think I'm a bad blogger is when I don't post for a while or return comments. Hmmm... LOL