October 01, 2009

Thanks Heather over at Miracles Momma Designs for the blog award.

The terms of this blog are to list five things I'm addicted to and to pass it along to five other fabulous blogs.

1.  I am addicted to my husband making me a cup of coffee.  Each morning since the beginning of summer my husband makes me a cup of coffee, he'll then bring it to me or leave it by my elbow.  I love that he cares to do that.  I think I would drink pond scum for the joy of having him bring it to me.

2.  I am addicted to making people laugh.  I love to hear their joy ring through the air.  It's like Christmas only you get to spread the joy around multiple times a day.

3.  I am addicted to sewing things.  It's like my sewing machine haunts me, always there waiting for me to work on something.  Calling me to it, any project is okay as long as I'm putting fabric into the machine.

4.  Luckily for you I'm addicted to the computer.  Each morning I sit down and turn it on.  Used to be that I could take it or leave it, not turning it on until everything I wanted to accomplish that day was done.  Now turning on the computer is automatic.

(geez, these get harder as you go)

5.  Lastly I'm addicted to my family.  I love each and every member with every fiber of my being.  I love seeing them, be they furred, feathered, or human I love them all.  They are a part of me of who I am, and I'd rather not think about life without them.

Five Fabulous Blogs: 

Shelly's Blog Shelly for you persistance, I am amazed by it no matter what that sewing machine pulls you back, and when it does then I get to hear from you.

StitchinPenny Penny your words speak to me deeply in a way few understand

 Felines and Fiber Arts Vicki the way you mix fabric and colors together with what seems like bottomless patience I'm always happy to drool over your blog - good thing the drooling stays here at my place.

 Based on a True Story I don't think Heather at Based on a True Story has been here to Sand and Sunshine, still I find her writing a joy, who knows maybe she'll grace us with a book someday.

 Scrappy Angel Quilts Gwen was and is my first Quilting friend EVER, okay my first quilting friend when I was a quilter.  As she is both a teacher and a mom her projects inspire me to do more and reach futher.

Now feel free to pick up your award or not, pass it on or not, but know one thing. I picked the five of you because there is something fabulous about each of you.


stitchinpenny said...

Thank you for the award. I probably won't grab it and pass it on. Picking 5 people to pass it on to would streess me and as you know I avoid stree. For years this is the time I would have to write evaluations at work. Someone was always angry that I didn't have proof that they hung the moon and so therefore didn't write that the world would end without their contribution. I am very uncomfortable picking a number of people from the whole and putting it in writing.

Elizabeth said...

That's okay I understand.

Shelly said...

Thanks! I will see about getting stuff on my blog soon. I sure enjoy reading your blog too!

Heather Landry said...

It was fun to read all about your addictions. I knew sewing and family would make the list! Hehe