May 18, 2009

We use Touch Points

When I first learned addition and subtraction years ago, the teacher I had at the time taught the entire class touch points. Without a second thought when Jessica seemed to be having trouble with her numbers I went right ahead and introduced her to touch points. Somewhere in the mama's guilt I even felt a little bad about it. Like some unknown teacher would come out of the woodwork and start wailing on me for teaching Jessica touch points so early. What was best for Jessica at the time just seemed like the exact right thing to do at the time.

We're solidly acquainted with 1 through 3 now and on the way to knowing 4 and 5. It's so nice that when she looks at a number and doesn't recognize it, I can say "count it out", and she's raring to go again.

I've been thinking about the purple quilt Perhaps I should just turn it into a full size for Jessica's bed. How's that for a switch?

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Heather said...

I don't even know what touch points are? LOL