May 16, 2009

Half way

I just realized I am halfway to having all the blocks I'll need for the Row Robin this month. Somehow I had it in my head that I needed 7 blocks, but that's not until next month. Here is my most recent addition. It's called Prickly Pear and is a 14" block. Of course if you're looking for this pattern look no further than Quilter's Cache.

I had a couple of photos printed from when we were at Disney in September, and added them to Jessica's autograph book. If I'd been thinking I would have made sure to print a photo so every autograph would have one, but I was printing them out for something else. After all this time of having only baby Jessica with the characters she's so excited for the changes. She keeps looking at it over and over again. The blissful joys of being 3.

I have two confirmed RSVP's for Mum's the Word and one "I'll be there", with those three it will be a party even if no one shows up. One guest even complimented me on the invitations.


Serena said...

So beautiful. Again I'm a red person though.

Heather said...

I love the detail in that quilt. So lovely! I'm glad you got a compliment on your invitation. It was lovely!