May 02, 2009


The Carpenter's Wheel is all pieced, thank goodness. I did this one a little different than others I've seen. If you look at the corners of the quilt you'll see it's a corner of the center star instead of the normal circle outward flow. For me it feels like an exploding Carpenter's Wheel. I've added the border, which brings the size to 55" square. I'm going to add at least another ring of purple around the outer edge, but I'm not sure how I want to do the corners on those.

I thought I wanted it to look like the border of purple was jutting down into the white, but now that I look at it, I think it might be cool to turn those corners into trapezoids like the rest of the shapes within the quilt.

For the back this will will have flannel (and thereby stay put on a bed). The flannel DH found for me is a blender that looks like you took every single purple in the quilt and mixed it together. Kinda neat. Of course there will be photos of that later.

How often are you hearing the ice cream man around your neighborhood? Right now I can hear him. I think it's the 3rd or 4th time today, and I was gone for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I was a suburb kid that moved to rural Arkansas so I went from having an ice cream man in the summers, to not having one ever. I missed that in my childhood, and I was certain as an adult I'd be the parent running to meet the ice cream man every time his music played.

Guess what? I'm not that mom. It's still early in the summer and I hear that all the time. Makes me a little twitchy. Sometimes he'll go around even AFTER I've put Jessica to bed! Maybe I've read to many bad "stories" about "ice cream men". While I enjoy a treat as much as the next person I can send DH to the "corner store" where he will spend less and be back faster because he doesn't have to wait in line, not to mention "safer". Isn't that awful? At least I'm still supporting the "little guy" as my "corner store" is owned by locals that live right around here.


Anonymous said...

I love the 3D effect you have in this piece. I love that you used grey/lavender to achieve it....I would have never thought of that. Very pretty!

Heather said...

That quilt is awesome!!!! So gorgeous Liz. Seriously! I love it! I never was one to get ice cream from the ice cream man as a child, and after I saw a TV show on the hygiene in those trucks (rats/mice/roaches)... I have to tell you my kids haven't had the "pleasure" of ice cream from a truck. See you aren't the only one! LOL