May 03, 2009

Row Robin for May

Lori's Row is here for the row Robin. When I first saw her row I really wanted to make a snow covered town and glitter paint it. Of course I've never done glitter on fabric, so the cost is a bit more than I'd like, so we'll see over the next couple of days if I can come up with something different to do.

I was outside with DH and Jessica long enough today that I picked up a tiny sunburn on my shoulders. Lucky for me if anyone burns in this house it's me. This is my passion vine plant. Mine is not "self fertile" and therefore it wont set passion fruit. The pretty purple flowers only last a day, but based on the number of buds I should have flowers everyday until late summer.


Anonymous said...

I love the red and white snowflake block....I am fascinated by two color quilts but get so bored working with them.

I love spring because of all the flowers. Everyday outside is a huge surprise for me.

Elizabeth said...

Having made two bi-color quilts last Christmas, it didn't seem so bad, but of course I had my trusty sewing machine, and I while I used only one "netural" fabric, I used many different fabrics all with different shades for my second "color". So the blue one for my sister went like gangbusters until I made it dual sided and embroidered all over the second side. And the red king for my mother never seemed to get done and made me crazy, of course I'm not a huge red fan anyway.

Heather said...

I think that quilt is awesome. I really love the flowers too. Got any seeds for that? I think I'd be able to grow those better than orchids. I'd probably kill the orchids.

Aunt Spicy said...

Those blocks are just adorable! I have had fabric for a christmas quilt and haven't made it yet...this might just inspire me!