June 02, 2008

Photo Updates!

I have photos, yep I can hardly believe it myself. Firstly the quilt top is done. It's been done since Friday. Each corner has a applique or patch from Jessica's clothes that didn't quite fit in the quilt. The "daddy's girl" is one, with "if they could just stay little", "our baby", and a super soft polar bear from a snowy white sleeper that I bought make up the other three.

Saturday we went to Wally World to buy fabric for the lady who will be making my quilt label. I wanted to pick up some things to make a nice goodie bag for her and my daughter found POLKA DOTS! I'm sure Walt Disney had no idea what a polka dot revolution he started with Minnie Polka Dotted Dresses. So now, because I'm a sap, and wanted to try my hand at it, I made a sun dress for my daughter. Yes, you see it correctly those are green polka dots on pink. We also bought the shoes that same day, they are the light weight ones that feel like they are made from foam. I'm proud to say the ENTIRE outfit was $10!!!

This is the center of my nine patch the applique heart wreath I think I mentioned. I have no idea what to put in the center I was going to put in a bunny as was in the heart wreath's on my "Bunny" quilt from when I was little, but alas the bunny pattern has been lost, so I will either have to make my own or do something else.

And last but never least, I have two of my perinatal charity quilts done. This is the extra small preemie size, I'll need three like this. I put that satin binding on it, though that stuff is $4 a pack from Wally World, which blew me away, here's hoping the three packs I bought will make all the quilts (somehow I'm doubting it).


gwen said...

Congratulations on your finished top. The corner blocks are a great idea and just perfect for a heirloom. They will tell your daughter stories when she is grown up.
It is very nice of you to sew the charity premature qults. We have the same going on over here and they are well received.
DO try strawberry jame with mint and black pepper. It is yummy!
Take care.

Heather said...

Oh my goodness! WTG on the dress for Jessica! It is so cute. You finished yours before mine!!! LOL

Heather said...

Oh and the completed quilt top is so beautiful. She's a lucky little girl!