June 29, 2008

Everyone Gather Round!

I've got photographs!

This is Card Trick, as I mentioned it's Red, white and blue, I'm sure it will make a beautiful quilt.

This one is the Autograph Star that I get to sign, it was mostly just like the stars I put in Jessica's quilt, so I'd say, this one will turn out to be one of the easiest I do for the block challenge. It is covered in "patches" and sewing notions, including a sign I slaved to get in the proper place that says "Sewing Classes Beginner's Welcome".

This one is called Goosecreek, and will go to the wonderful lady who I swapped green fabrics for blue ones. Not my smartest move, but I do hope she likes her block.

Okay these are of a more personal nature. The one with the hearts is the quilt case for keeping Jessica's quilt in when it's finished. As you can see I've appliqued on it, so we will always know her quilt is in there safe from the wood, ect. I'm thinking perhaps it can be put on a pillow when her quilt is on the bed. Who knows, that way I wont have to keep track of it anyway.

Also here you can see the green and brown pinwheel, The center there is the leftover fabric that the directions the Housewife pattern told me to cut, but I didn't need which I post that block you will be able to see my pinwheel spins one way and the one I'm making for the lady spins the other. I put the green on it because it has a tiny bit of Brown swirl in the Batik fabric, so maybe I can tie it together and have it look nice as a pillow (as if I don't have plenty of those) or a throw, maybe in the future when I'm less crazy I'll used it in a Round Robin Challenge instead of a block challenge! And last but not least is Loretta's quilt label. Isn't it nice? DH tried to take a second photo in hopes that you could read it, but I don't think that worked... It says:

Gift from the Heart Quilt
Made Spring 2008
By Elizabeth
For Jessica Celeste
With Special Thanks to

It is completed with two rose buds on each side. That is the label I will be putting on the back of the quilt for my bed, which I fully intend to have as the "up side" from time to time. Jessica's label says exactly the same thing, but I'm doing some hand embroidery, that I'm not telling you about till it's done! :D The label looks small, but really it's not. If I spread my fingers wide apart it's that big.

Yes, I did include the first and last names of everyone who gave me a part of themselves and their children's childhoods in the form of all of those wonderful hand-me-down clothes. I will be forever honored and grateful for your gifts.

Oh and you can see my dirty floor and my husband's toe too. I did not marry the man for his feet, and that's all I'm saying about that! :D


Heather said...

ROFLMAO about your comment about Rob's feet. I am dying. LOL Girl those quilt blocks are beautiful. I am so in AWE of your talent.

You asked about the shrinky dink plastic. You can get it at Michaels. My mostest favorite store in the whole entire world.

How sweet are you for putting my name on Jessica's quilt!! I was happy to give you that stuff.

Heather said...

I did see the wasps on your blog... I thought about looking for a photo of the spider I obliterated, but it would've just made me freak out more I'm sure!

I don't think I could ride standing either... she's my hero seriously.

I know one minute they are playing happily in the sprinkler. The next they are shivering. Jeez!

Jessica's mom said...

It's always great to hear we've done something worth looking at! :D

As for my DH, this time for sure meaning Darling, he is happy to be the giver of laughter. When something silly happens he say's "oh and you're going to put that on your blog to, aren't ya, aren't ya?"