June 22, 2008

Crazy Weather, Dumb Puns, and Little Girl Cute

Okay, so I was wrong about the log cabin block, it only needs five of each color with a center fabric, for a total of eleven. I've now made both that were required.... One big problem. They should measure 12.5", the first one I made was just over 13" (to big). So I adjusted from a scant 1/4" (1/8" on my machine) to a 1/4". The second one I made is a 12", so it's to little! Now I figure I have to adjust my sewing machine 1/16th of an inch to fix my trouble. Yikes!

We're having CRAZY thunderstorms here. You wake up in the morning to a beautiful day, but there is thunder all around that goes on and on, like an upset stomach! Then after clouding over, it will think about rain, sometimes for hours, eventually pour, and around 1pm we were back to pretty sky and upset stomach! But now it's VERY dark (at 2pm) and heavy rain that came up all the sudden. I can't help but shake my head and think it's the Florida rainy season, as they say don't like the weather wait five minutes.

At least we're not in the north and Midwest with all the flooding! It brings to light (as I sit in the light of the pc it's gotten so dark) what my mom told me once, you have to pick the natural disasters you're willing to live with. We get hurricanes and hot temps, It hasn't snowed since before the hail storm in June when I was pregnant with Jessica in 2005! hehee. oh when it rains it pours. Is that two puns in one paragraph? I have to quilt that (oopps I meant quit that). To much typing about quilts I suppose.

Let's see let's have a different note. I love this state. I do, really I do. I love being in a cold grocery store in June and walk out into the HOT (some would say sweltering heat) of the parking lot and the feeling you get as your nose warms back up. I love that even though I'm not quite warm I'll feel like a lizard on a hot rock by the time I get into that hot car.

LOL, did I mention the thermostat on my air conditioner broke? Yep, it either RUNS,'n,RUNS,'n,RUNS, or it's off. Lovely hu? Lucky for me this crazy weather doesn't have it to hot today, though yesterday before we knew what was wrong with the ac it was up over 87 inside when we were putting Jessica to bed.

Now my daughter is a joy. Just yesterday her daddy was giving her trouble about her wanting help in the bathroom, mostly she just wants you to sit there and make sure everything comes out okay, hand her some tp, etc. A big part of the time she doesn't even want you there, just sometimes, it's a comfort thing. So daddy didn't want to supervise the bathroom, and I was busy with who knows what. So he's razzing her to get her to do it alone, when she interrupts him in the most darling voice and says "Daddy, I'm just a little girl!"

I nearly busted a gut right then and there! It makes me want to squeal with delight over her zest! She has more personality than most adults smushed up in her little body.

Oh but wait! There's more. So her daddy gives in and helps her, and says "yes, honey I know you're a little girl." Finished my daughter walks out of the bathroom and runs to me, "daddy called me a little girl!" Oh my, what a world, what a world!

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Heather said...

That's really funny about what J told R. Kids say the funniest stuff!