June 05, 2008

Yes, more on me...

Hi There Everyone,

Today I wrapped up the sashing for the second heart quilt and started putting the first border on. This quilt will have at least two borders possibly three, I'm not sure yet.

I have three queries out there for having the quilting done on these quilts. The last lady I mentioned before did not pan out, as it has been nearly 2 weeks since I last heard from her. Clearly not someone I want doing my quilting. The three new people are one company who contracts out to Amish ladies to hand quilt them, one who uses a computer guided long arm machine, and last but my current favorite, is a lady who claims to pattern and create based on the quilt itself. Which of course would please me to no end.

The tides are funky tonight so DH wont be getting home until 1AM, pretty bad when you consider he will have to be up and headed back to work at 6AM. So that leaves me to take my box of cut squares of fabric off to bed and work out some pattern for the second border. Hmm, maybe I'll think of something to eat for dinner while I'm at it.

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