June 18, 2008

The pitfalls of learning.

Oh my, oh my... I'm not even sure what to say. I joined a Block Challenge Group, where we have to make 12 quilt blocks. No big deal, right? WRONG, these Blocks are the EXACT color of each member's selection. (for instance I have to make TWO long cabin quilts needing 42 different fabrics!) Not to mention how specific some of these requests are. And in case you didn't catch it above each block is the pattern selection of each individual in our group, so some are no big deal, but most are "oh my are you serious?!?!" My deadline is Jan. 2009 thank goodness!

I made the first one today. The request was to use the Buzzard's Roost Pattern, with a bright juvenile print and two coordinating brights. Now, this photo is my dh's camera phone and it make the colors crazy! That blanket is WHITE AND TEAL, not yellow, and the turtle that looks red is really brown and hardly shows at all. The killer whales look like they have white on them, but it's really all shades of blue, hence the blue and teal (that I spent at least 1/2 an hour last night matching...)

I've been very concerned about the above project, since the realization of just how many fabrics I need to buy... Of course I didn't mention my dh was fired on Father's Day. Yes, horror of my horrors, to have my husband without a job in this awful job market. (sigh) Since I blew up (again) over it this morning, I have been trying very hard to remain calm and pray. (sigh)

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Heather said...

OMG How on earth did he get fired?! That so totally sucks. I'm really glad that you are keeping busy with your quilts though! Hugs to you and yours!