June 27, 2008

And Good Tidings to you!

Today is a pain in the knee, literally I think I smacked my knee on something. Seems like most every time I turn around something aches. I love being 27 and feeling 72! lol!

These days Jessica is picking out her own clothes. She will more than happily open her drawers as I rummage through the closet for "mom clothes" you know the ones, cotton, cool comfortable, and never ever seen on a fashion anything, except perhaps a fashion don't. Meanwhile Jessica has pulled out something fabulous and is well on her way to being completely dressed.

She's not much of morning person though. Some people have to have their morning coffee, my daughter has to have her cereal and a tv show. Doesn't matter what kind, I imagine I could turn on the history channel and she'd watch it (maybe I'll try that tomorrow). After her meal and her show she is ready for the day. Me? Oh well some days I do alright and other days I'm mom zombie in my mom clothes, that was this morning in fact.

While I tried not to drool in my tea, my husband tells me he's off to go fishing. Seriously it's not even 8 am and he's "off to go fishing!" Okay... When he got back he told me he saw a dolphin, a great big one he said! Seriously a block from my house. Aren't they supposed to be a sign of good luck? I sure hope so! I think it goes back to the days when the fishermen would go out to sea, and if they saw a dolphin that would mean there were fish nearby. My thoughts would be that dolphins are naturally curious and friendly so in theory they might help a man that was overboard. Hey it's a nice theory!


gwen said...

I do hope for you and your DH that the dolphin will mean good luck!
The block challenge of yours does look interesting. Don´t forget to show all the blocks you will be sewing.
And yes, the scrappy stars finish at 6"x6" and the nice thing is that as the stars don´t reach the border of each block, there are not that many points to match! Take care.

Heather said...

I'm really sorry that your poor knee hurts. I really hope that the dolphin means you and DH will have some GOOD luck soon!!