June 10, 2008

Moving Right Along...

I have added the third and final border to the second heart quilt. It looks amazing. I am about 3/4 of the way picking out the stabilizer from the second quilt. What a challenge! That leaves me with getting the batting for both quilts (I am seriously considering a flame suppressing batting) and a back for the second quilt.

I have found a longarmer! This lady is wonderful. She wants some personal information about Jessica's babyhood, in order to quilt it into her designs. So far I am very happy with all that she has to say. Perhaps best of all she has lots of experience working with different fabrics so I don't have to worry there either. She is Bev at Quilt Tree

My LAN card got sick of being slammed around and broke into several pieces, DH is promising I'll be back and as good as new come Thursday. We'll see I suppose. So take care and pass the love around.


Heather said...

What is a longarmer? Someone else is going to help sew Jessica's quilt? I'm so confused. LOL

Jessica's mom said...

A longarmer, is someone who uses a HUGE sewing machine to quickly "quilt". The "quilting" process is one that holds all the parts of a quilt together. The pretty stitching you see on the top. I did all the piecing on the sewing machine, and since my hands wont let me hand quilt, and because I can't find anyone local that will rent a long arm machine, I'll be sending them out to have the the quilting done. It isn't the perfect answer and I do feel a little like I'm falling short of "making" the quilt for my daughter, but at least I'm accepting my own limitations. This way she can have and use the quilt this fall, instead of years from now. :D