June 25, 2008

More Block Challenges

Yikes! I fiddled around with the settings so much the last time I was here, I personally did a little double take!

What's new? I'm chewing away at my block challenge blocks, I refuse to let them get the best of me. I currently have redone Buzzard's Roost to be more juvenile, which is completely crazy because someone else has made one nearly exactly the same as my first one, but whatever.

I have also completed Card Trick in red white and blue, and the autograph star in the colors of my choice, a very nice "notions print" with red details, I will be signing that one before it leaves. I am also working on "Housewife" which is brown and tan. I refuse to add my personal opinion of these blocks as it's supposed to be a challenge, and after all it's not for me. I'd imagine other's will be grumpy about my choices too. My only real complaint today (I can't seem to help it) is that the Housewife makes you cut double the fabric you need for the inner pinwheel, which could be used elsewhere or for a different project if only they told you to cut triangles instead of squares. Oh well to late now. Yippie me I get to have a second poop brown pinwheel!

I am working on the pattern for my sister's x-mas quilt hopefully she will love it, and I am seriously considering a pattern called wintergraphix for my mother.

I swapped my first fabric swap, and received two fat 1/3rds (it's a 1/3rd of a yard cut in half crosswise), one which is a lovely random blue, and the other is navy with blue flowers, hopefully both will be used in my sister's quilt.

I received the labels for Jessica's baby clothes quilt back. Bless Loretta, they are lovely and big! In the middle of her efforts her sewing machine decided it had been subjected to to much work, so there is a little embroidery detail I'm going to put in personally (by hand!) on the one that wasn't finished, and put that one on Jessica's quilt, leaving the completely machine embroidered one on to go on mine.

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Heather said...

I'd love to see a pic of the labels. I bet they are lovely!