July 01, 2008

I broke my Butt!

Okay I didn't really break my butt... Here's my tail of woe... I went to the beach with my daughter and my sister today, while the canal is only a block or two from my house the beach is more like a mile, rough like I know. Rather than follow the two of them around the park and beach area I sat on the seawall which afforded me a good view of both the play area and the ocean.

Seawalls are not made to be sat on. If you have a chance sit in the wet sand instead. So I was sitting with my good leg hanging down and my bad leg up on the wall. Unbenost to me this was rolling my pelvis, allowing my leg/hip to slip just a little out of socket. This might not have been the case for you but we all know my pelvis isnt normal anymore. Seriously! So the first time it slipped it hurt rather a lot to slide back in. Well I guess I'm stupid because I just assumed I was having trouble because my leg was hanging down, so I achingly pulled it up, forgot about it, and let it fall back to hang down again. This happened seriously 5 or 6 times! After a bit I knew it was my hip giving me trouble, but what's a woman to do, it was the seawall, the wooden park bench, or the wet sand.

The last time it happened, it hurt so bad couldn't even think how to get up, now that I really wanted to. My poor dear sister is watching nearly pleading to help me, and I'm fending her off. Why!?!? Because I hurt so bad I was afraid she'd hurt me worse if she touched me! Yep, so I just rocked there like a dumb bird until I could rock forward enough to be on my hands and knees and get up from there.

So now I'm home and clean (and Jessica keeps telling me she needs more beach!) but my pelvis has slipped painfully three times since I've been home, doing nothing more than sit and be in bed. Yeah, I know, BROKEN BUTT! lol

I didn't take the camera, which is a sad thing because I saw a DOLPHIN again! Yep! Luckly me, or so I hope. My husband has convinced the computer to accept the SanDisk card from the camera, so hopefully I will be taught how to do that soon, and you'll be seeing lots of pretty photos of the crazy lady rocking her butt on the beach! :D

Now for your viewing enjoyment I have one photo of the Buzzard's Roost Block that I made. This is the one I remade to be more juvenile, and I've posted both so you can judge for yourself how pointless my work was.

Don't forget you can always click on my photos to see a better detail, and we can all hope the photos from the camera will be better than these taken with the camera phone!

The Broken Butt Lady Bids You Good Day, and Happy Butts!

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Heather said...

Awww you poor thing! That totally sucks. I hope you feel lots better soon!!!!