July 15, 2008

Quiet Post Birthday Celebration

Hello everyone, I've been on a bit of an Internet sabbatical while getting ready for Jessica's birthday. That of course was yesterday, and we all had a wonderful time. Of course there were hiccups, but that comes with it being a three year old's birthday and anyone who claimed perfection in that wasn't telling the whole truth, at least not at a "home" party. ;)

Jessica loves these photos of her "cake", she was so excited about blowing out her candles I had to hold her back while we all sang Happy Birthday.

I have wanted to buy the "Happy Birthday" wooden cake set for Jessica's play kitchen for over a year now, and never had the money to buy one. Well let me tell you want things happen for a reason. About a month ago now I was thinking about what's in that set. She has everything in that set already (from different sets that have been bought since I was a little girl) with the sole exception of the cake. So I told her father, hoping he would make one for her. I know you can't see it very well but he hand painted it with her name and some roses, he even painted it to be Tutty Fruity Cake! Sometimes it pays not to have money I guess! LOL

I remade the Green and Purple Log Cabin Block it's now the size she wanted and has the red center she wanted. Hey you know me I don't want anyone to be unhappy with the things I make.

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Heather said...

I am so far behind on your blog. This working stuff is keeping me going nonstop. Ugh! Ok... I'm glad your butt feels better. LOL

Your quilt exchange photos were beautiful. You are so talented! The label for her quilt is just gorgeous.

Happy 100th post!!! It's nice to see a photo of you in there somewhere woman!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA! OMG I can not believe she is 3! Wow. She's growing up so fast and she's cute as a button!

I was thinking about you this morning because I made the reservation for B's first haircut. It won't be Disney but it is a specialty studio for kids where they sit in cars and airplanes to get their hair cuts. Next month. The poor child looks like a hippie.