July 10, 2008

Hiya Folks!

Been a while since I was here, hmmm, let's see! I've been working on the machine quilting for Jessica's baby clothes quilt. Oh did I not tell you? I've decided to do the quilting myself. The blocks (25 total) will be machine quilted (I'm 2/3rds of the way done) and all the sashing will be hand quilted hearts. Everyday it's more and more quilt like. Simply amazing really. Perhaps that toots my own horn, but it is more soft, cuddly, warm, and wonderful than I would have ever hoped for.

I've been hard on the trail for the fabrics for my mother and sister's Christmas Quilt. This is a red I just love, it's a Christmas fabric, but I think it would be pretty all the time, don't you? Next up for your enjoyment is ... This is the Red swirl I loved from the Wintergraphix star I'm planning on making. The quilt will use the Wintergraphix pattern, but the only color I'll be using from the pattern is that red swirl (also called white on red eyelash!) Once again this is a Christmas fabric, but I'm sure it would be beautiful gracing a quilt all year long.

Of course my sister's quilt is a showcase of blue fabrics. The pattern of which has been a co-op with dh and I to create and draft it. So you'll have to wait and see the pattern, but just look at those colors! All the blues are from Thousands of Bolts So they are all around $4.00+/- (whereas the red is more like $8-$10).

Currently DH is sanding down the bathroom door, as the original finish has long since pealed and looks well nasty. He's going to sand it and paint it the bright baby blue that we trimmed out our bedroom with. Completely because it's the color we have, so it doesn't cost anything. It could very well be the only home improvement done before Jessica's birthday party on Monday.

Yes, that's what I said Monday. We're having a "dog love dog" party and if the invites I wrote are any indication we'll be having the latest Dog movie (any suggestions what that might be?), tearing open presents, and digging in the dirt.


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