July 03, 2008

Picture Day, at least for you it is

Isn't life special, today while I relax on my hind-end, as today is a do nothing-icky-rainy day you get postings and photos, which will hopefully motivate me to sew some more. Oh and I'm feeling a bit better, I just have to be careful how I sit down.

First up we have my two reject Log Cabin Blocks. It's heart breaking to me that they are rejects as I find them to be quite pretty. Oh they are rejects because one is to small by 1/2" and the other, rumor has the lady wanted a red center. :(

Next up is a little ditty called "Housewife", This block is brown, tan, and, off white, it made me nuts to take it seeing as it made me think of all the poop a housewife deals with on a day to day bais, but takes a decent photograph. This block also has the honor of being my very first pinwheel. They are not so hard to make after all. Though just a note, this is the block I had to cut extra fabric for, that I made the brown and green pinwheel with that you saw a few days ago.

My next star is not a star at all, rather a block I was concerned with at first but turned out quite nice. The pattern colors left much to be desired but marilbela had an eye for color that I never would have combined. That perhaps is the point of the Challenge Swap is it not?

And last but not least is the third in my set of 12 perinatal quilts. I really need to get moving on that project. This last one wraps it up for the Extra Small Preemie, so now I need to look up the next bigger size.

I have offered my baby quilt making services up to my sister, to make a baby quilt for a lady she works with (my sister is currently working with three pregnant women). I saw the perfect fabric for it at Joann's, it's cheater fabric, a baby pink patchwork that is as soft as the day is long, it just needs a backing, batting and bound up. I'm not quite sure, but something tells me I'll be buying all I need for it. Of course not normally a problem, but a bit of an issue with "what we've got is, really all we've got".

I hate that, things that normally we'd just do, suddenly I find myself thinking, if you would only pay us a little bit for dh's efforts it would really help us out... But in a time when no one seems to have much money, it's only my thoughts that hurt me.

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