May 28, 2008

I suppose I have time for a Little Note...

Let's see. Oh yes, I've begun putting Jessica's quilt together. Everything was going rather lovely, until I was off. So now I have a whole bunch of seam ripping ahead of me that I am not looking forward to. I have the backing material, it's a creamy color with swirls and pink flowers. Rather typical quilt back if I suppose. Haven't found anything to go on the back of mine yet but we'll see.

I did not like the way my applique hearts looked on my glorified patchwork so DH bought me some invisible thread and I plan to resew them.

I have begun working on my charity perinatal quilts, I need 3 Preemie Extra Small, 3 Preemie Small, 2 Preemie Medium, 1 Preemie Large, and one Full Term. Currently I have two of the Preemie Extra Small completely quilted awaiting me to dream up a binding for them.

Tonight is Turkey Dinner, as in it's been six month's since Thanksgiving and mommy is craving Homemade Thanksgiving Turkey (ours was so good last Thanksgiving we didn't have LEFTOVERS!) Currently my Turkey is done, a lovely 12 pounder, complete with the gravy and Homemade APPLE PIE, I'll be whipping up some old fashioned lumpy mashed potatoes, and green beans in a little while. Don't you wish you could have dinner at my house?

The breeder of the munchkin kitten my mother bought is trying to pull out of the deal because she thinks mom will breed her, yeah right, we lived in Arkansas for 4 years we know how babies are made, and I'm telling you there is no way mom is going there. So the lady is demanding more money, ect. Mom is beside herself about it, and it doesn't help matters, the lady is telling her she will never be able to buy a cat of this breed ever anywhere. What a mess.

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Heather said...

What kind of cat is your Mom wanting to get? Why on earth wouldn't she be able to breed her? I missed something. LOL Way to go for making those preemie quilts. They are gorgeous. You know that cause is near and dear to my heart because of J. You are so sweet.