May 07, 2008

Time Develops all Things

Oh my am I tired, last night even though she went to bed only a little late dd was up at midnight, ayyyiiii!

I have worked through some of the quilting issues. First Jessica's heart quilt is going to be a twin size, which means 10 more hearts and that puppy is off to Matthew and his moma's longarm! Later if I feel up to it I will use my remaining fabric to make a full/queen for dh and I.

Secondly I am very engrossed in working on what I'm calling the glorified patchwork. This strangely might end up being the crown jewel of my scrappy projects. Currently I am working on the center block which is a whopping 23", I am making applique hearts which will be placed together with embrodery to create a wreath of hearts. I'm not entirely sure what will go n the middle but we shall see.

I sent off an email the other day about joining in the summer quilt swap, but so far I haven't heard anything. I have great plans for this quilt. It is to be an applique of sorts, complete with real life textures, to create a true to life beach scean complete with palm trees and a hammock. Colors, shades, time of day, ect will reflect the personality of my partner. If the quilt swap is closed, ect. I'm thinking I will make it for my mom, and in which case once I figure out what sort of fabric I'd like for the sand I was going to try my hand at adding a sand castle (like kiddos built it) just off the the side of the main focus. For my mom I would also add a tote, a pair of sunglasses, and flip flops. The biggest challenge I can see at this point is deciding which fabrics have the proper texture for my goals and then getting my hands on them. The perfect example I have, is to use burlap for the palm tree trunks, trust me it will be way cool. :D

That's the strange thing I suppose, I FEEL LIKE THE MORE I know the more my brain supplies ideas! Rather like a roller coaster I suppose.

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Heather said...

I'm like that with scrapbooking... the more new things I see, my brain just avalanches new ideas at me. LOL