May 13, 2008

Have you ever seen babies this little?

Wow, so much has happened I'm feeling a bit daunted as to put it down here (just think about how bad the Family Website must be if I feel that way!

Last things first that way you will be up to speed even if I don't do a full recap. BABY BIRDS! My cousin has a baby Cardinal Nest it can't be 2 feet from her house. The boat my husband works on is in dry dock this week and he's one of the very very few men trained to stay on the boat during that time. Just think of him as a Doberman for the boat. And here's hoping no one would be stupid to try and do anything with the boat while he's there. OH! Sorry, the point is, he's staying with my cousin for the week, and was able to take photos with his camera phone for all of us to see (I did get to see them at little Tommy's birthday party on Saturday, but had no way to take photos).

Aren't they just precious? I have seen smaller babies just this morning in fact, they were baby spiders on the back of the moma spider in dd room, and hubby was taking them far far away. I tell you what I completely need an exterminator. Trivia: Who else knows that about halfway through raising their babies a Cardinal Mommy will go make another nest and sit on the eggs, which dear dad finishes them to weaning? Early like this they seem to switch off because the day I was there it was the daddy about 60% to 70% of the time, but today my husband tells me today it's been mostly moma.

So next things next. We have a month free with Netflicks thanks to my mom (if you want a free month too be sure and let me know, no commitment mind you) We get three movies at a time as many as they can ship back and fourth in a month. I suppose I'm lucky I signed up yesterday and my movies were in my mailbox this morning (I have an early mailman). My dear husband told me this morning that I should rest and take some time for myself when our daughter when to nap. I did and watched the first movie, Stepford Wives. The best part about the movie I would have to say is the fact that I felt well rested when it was over, and was able to get more stuff done. ;)

I am on a mission with my quilt. Here's the breakdown. I need 36 hearts and 13 starts (they are quilt stars which I always used think looked funny, but since I altered the pattern to my own liking, I simply love them. The stars will be the cornerstones of the quilt so the FULL/QUEEN (yes I decided aren't you proud, that I can make a commitment?!?!) will be a square and will wear evenly on all sides. The stars are right side up no matter what what you look at it. Trust me it will be lovely. Ahhh, but here's what I have. 21 hearts (the 22nd is nearly done), and 3 stars! That means I need 15 more hearts and 10 more stars. I suppose when I look at it here it doesn't seem like that much, But trust me that's not even half way. That's rather a large downer when I had thought it would be a twin and was 60% done. :( So I'm working like a crazy woman to get back to that 60%, hehe. It also didn't help that I decided not to do the sashing between the blocks, which I'm sure I will later curse myself over. But for now I truly think it will be a twist on tastefully traditional. You should see my little sketch! :)

Oh so backing up some more, the play I took mom and my sister to was simply a riot, I loved it. Well worth the money. My sister who is only 20 didn't get as much out of it, but she said she wanted to come so I bought her a ticket. Dim Sum carts was simply marvelous. There was something wrong with the sticky rice, mom and sister thought it was undercooked, but I found out a LONG time ago, that I don't like floaties, not in my drink and certainly not in my rice, so I didn't have any. Oh ick! hehe, yesterday we did see Made of Honor, wonderful chick flick with enough silly to keep a husband's interest, depending on the husband of course, all afternoon I kept trying to pull it into the conversations with dh knowing he would have thought them funny, only to remember it was part of girl's afternoon out. There are great dim sum cart scenes in that movie, though the glitch is that they show fried food coming out of the steamer trays, and that just doesn't happen, I wouldn't have even noticed the glitch if I hadn't just been out having it though.

The children had a great time at the birthday party, fyi Tommy is 2 months nearly to the day older than my dd. Jessica's party will so not look like that, it was like planned chaos! Something you would plan out in a card game or a game of war, not in real life, but as always my cousin Meghan pulled it off with fansese (I'm sure I've spelled that wrong but neither blogger nor google knows the proper spelling or I'm so far from it, there's no telling).

I think that's more than enough to bring you close to speed. I'll be missing my hubby this week, so who knows maybe I'll pull my nose out of the sewing machine to reach out. hehehe, take care everyone, till next time!


Heather said...

Awesome about making the commitment to make the full sized quilt. I'm sure it'll be awesome. The play sounds like it was great!!!

Heather said...

We definitely need the prayers! Brandon is so very big, and FAST! Our Walmart doesn't sell fabric anymore. They closed the sewing department. Those suckers!

Jessica's mom said...

I've read lots of commentary about the Walmart's doing that, and honestly I bought wally world fabric for the dress for my cousin's wedding and it was for sure a "cull" bolt, it made poor dh crazy to deal with it. Though so far we haven't had that happen here.

It's a little funny to me that the places that still have fabric don't know anything about the places that don't, go figure hu.