May 25, 2008

Brace yourselves!

Okay, here's the scoop, the layouts for the TWO "Gift from Heaven" Quilts have been determined. I have a whopping 12 extra heart squares which I'm thinking of making a throw blanket for the chair in dear daughter's room.

That means from my 4 bags of clothes I have FOUR quilts in the works. Don't forget my glorified patchwork. Oh I know it's so hard to keep track without photos. I promise just as soon as dh gets that cable for the new camera I'll flood you with photos. Also I have a huge box of cut 3 1/2" squares leftover, so who only knows what those will become. Oh and I mustn't forget the two double sided pillows I'm making just as soon as I get the backing material for the quilts that will be the boarder on the pillows.

I'm planning to make a couple of sachets for my sister, little scrappy chic hearts from some of Jessica's things for my sister. I'm sure she will just love them. I'm going to put some of the dried petals I have dried from my crazy blooming rose bush (it is SO happy this year!) Which as a bonus will get them off my counter!

Short of making more blocks (the extra twelve mentioned above were accidents, seriously!) I've sewed all I can sew without buying the boarder/sashing fabric and the backing material. So that leaves the NASTY job, at least in my current opinion of cutting all the blocks to the same size. That's 50 for the two quilts. UGH! Did I mention I don't have one of those square quilters rule things, that makes this job easy? Groan, lol I have to start a Joann's list right away!


Heather said...

I have a running Michael's list, so don't feel bad about having a Joann's list. LOL I STILL haven't started on the girl's Summer dresses. It'll be winter by the time they are done I guess.

Jessica's mom said...

You'll just have to make them the next size up so they can wear them next summer!

I just finished a shirt made from one of dh's bandana's. Jessica wanted me to make it for her, but I made the straps big enough for me. Talk about one size fits all! It's for sure a "hanging around the house" shirt for both her and I.