May 16, 2008

B'Bye Sewing Machine

Last night when I popped in here to jot down a note to all of you I discovered the photo of Roarie was missing, needless to say I was rather unhappy about it, especially since it seemed to be the only one Blogger was missing. Rather than get upset I went off and did something else, and huzzah! this morning it's right back were it belongs, that goodness for this big community that we don't have to report ever single problem we discover.

So UPS has written us a check, or so rumor has it, and we should be seeing it sometime soon. In return I get to pack up my little machine and send it off. Not so thrilled about that as it had been behaving for the past week or so. Lucky for me VERY soon after I discovered its emanate departure, it jammed up and hasn't wanted to work since. Phooey, or it that a good thing? I suppose not that it's not working the only thing that is bothering me is that I use one foot in particular to get me scant 1/4 and I know different machines "scant" differently. In all seriousness I'd guess I wasn't that "good" with my first handful of hearts and the differences will have to be cut off anyhow. :) Someone should tell me that's a correct assumption about now, hehehe.

So I'm back to sewing machine shopping, oh how I hate this job. It's made even harder as I know what I like/love about this machine, and what I would love for it to have. Not to mention I really wanted an Elna, but I'm not happy with the $600 price tag the one with the features I want has. So there are three paths in front of me, firstly I can buy one of the Brother sewing machines from Wally World that has a good sized handful of the features I desire, secondly I can sit and watch ebay again, and of course pray that whatever machine works there is sold by a person willing to DOUBLE BOX, or three I throw caution to the wind and visit the store south of me where the mean lady sells Elna's and Pfaff's, hoping she has something I like and can afford, knowing full well that her Elna's start at that $600 I was telling you about, and if I didn't see something it's a 100 mile drive to the next store that does actually sell machines in my price range. Problematic, I know.

So let's see it is so humid today I can't stand it, I vacuumed this morning and had to turn the a\c on. Good for me it's nice and cool inside now. :) And that my dears would be the end of my note today. Take care everyone!

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Heather said...

I hope you get your sewing machine situation figured out soon. That really sucks! Hugs! I hope tomorrow is a better day.