May 22, 2008

The moment I've been Waiting for, the Quilt Blocks...

Oh my blog! Let's see, the blocks for my Gift from Heaven Heart Quilt are all finished. Talk about a crazy peice of work! So many fabrics! It will take quite a bit of work to get all the bocks together in a way that looks nice. In addition to the blocks for the quilt I have two extra hearts and two extra stars which will be made into double sided pillows for my daughter. I have found a wonderful website that sells wide width fabrics which I am planning on using a gentle color on the back to soften the quilt. The extra fabric from that will be used to trim my pillows, so it should match nicely.

Today is shopping day with my mom, we're off to go look at the fish that she requested and then perhaps to the store to look at the sewing machine I think is out of my price range, but yet was disappointed when dh looked at the one in the store the other day and didn't bring it home for me (they didn't have any in stock).

I have had the horror of losing a $100 bill. Yep, dh and I were swapping money back and fourth, I wanted him to go get groceries for me, and he didn't want to. I thought he took the money, but he left it for me, and then a couple of hours later Jessica was playing with it. Shocked but super busy cleaning the bathroom I took it from her. When I went to were I'd put it last night it was missing one bill. Don't you wish you'd been following me around that day?!?! hehehe, dh replaced it for me, but in theory there is $100 floating around my house. Yes, I already checked dd's wallet.

I hate catalogs, I hate that they buy my address and send me these filled with stuff that is either ugly, to expensive, or both. I don't like calling to tell them to take me off the mailing list either, I wonder do they really print one less, or do they always have the print print say 100,000? I suppose if everyone calls to tell them not to send junk they might print a couple thousand less. Perhaps... My stepfather's (cringe) mother used to live in the mother-in-law apartment adjoining the house and I tell you want she would get four and five copies of the same catalog. When she moved out it took mom months to get the catalog companies to stop.

Jessica has been dry two naps and two overnights in a row. YIPPIE! She likes to pick out her own clothes these days and delights herself with "matching" outfits. Today she is sporting a yellow Strawberry Shortcake shirt with gently flowing capped sleeves, and yellow shorts with ruffles on them. Some kiddo hu?

Oh and here's one for you, last night I stuck my hand in the ceiling fan! Yes, seriously I did. It's a wooden fan, but sure enough it caused a bruise and even broke the skin on my ring finger. UGH!

I found a longarm company that will hopefully get the mail I sent - from my yahoo account. I of course can always sent it to Matthew's mom, but I don't know much about her, prices, machine type, ect. Did you know that come longarm machines are computerised and they long arm the programed pattern just like that? Versus some longarm machines, like the classic are run by a person and their creative ideas? Both are "man-ed" but interesting hu?

Yes, yes I know you want photos. DH bought me a new camera too. It was an open boxed deal from Wally World, but the USB cable it needs isn't standard and there was only a standard one (made by a different company) in the box. So I'm working on it. I really hope I can get a certain photo for for you.

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Heather said...

Hey girl, sorry I haven't been around in a while, Alexis has been having a hard time out of school and I've been busy with DT commitments. Ugh! Anyway...

Yes we are EXTREME Hannah Montana fans here! LOL Even J is watching it now... and I kid you not I had a dream that I was Hannah the other night and I was yelling at people because I had to go to an awards show and people were taking tooo long to do my hair. LOL It's official I watch too much Disney channel.

The wheel chair has been a huge help, and Miss J is signed up for a horse riding summer camp!