May 17, 2008

I smell a rat and feel the sting of it's bite

I've been steadily casting my net wider and wider looking for a sewing machine that will be in my price range, bought at least somewhat locally, and have a few of the things I want. Earlier in the day I was focused on some of the brother machines, and found out that Brother is discontinuing their 270D Disney machine, I looked at the ones they are replacing it with, and the new ones seem to be a much better design. Granted they cost more. But I found a press release that said their starting prices and they didn't seem to bad.

So I called the dealer closest to me. Firstly he quoted me between hundreds more than the press release and at least that much more than an online dealer (note I said dealer, not ebay) selling the very same machine. So now I'm walking through the paces, "and what are you hours? Yes, what did you say your name was? Charlie, yes, yes, thank you..." Then I try to follow in with maybe I'll see you next week. Since about halfway through the conversation my daughter is screaming, only the man wont let me go! He say's I have lots of sewing machines here would I consider the 270D? No, I tell him it's being discontinued and is no longer going to be supported by Brother, and I for one feel that something crazy like those cassettes needs manufacture support. He wants to know where I got my information. But I wasn't born yesterday and simply differ that I read it in an article on the Internet. So he then interjects, "I have a floor model, I'm selling for "X" that's nearly $50 less than the one at Wally World, and he's telling me about support, classes, etc.

So at first I thought it was funny and spent an hour laughing to myself, about his grab for the sale, if only because, the news is out. Shheesh. But then it starts to bother me, and I can't help thinking what a rat like thing to have done. "I smell a rat". Trying to pawn off a demonstration model on me because I know the story and soon other's will too. Not to mention the 270D is considered a somewhat lesser machine than it's replacement the 350, and the 900D. So it works under my skin slowing making me crazy. So I call my mom.

Then she tells me that years ago, my dearly beloved grandmother went in there to have her machine serviced. Being a seamstress for decades she had an amazing machine with a name to match, but this very man that I'd spoken to, convinced my grandmother to trade her machine for a low end White. Talk about a rat. I thought I smelled one! Worse yet, he just took her for a run for her money, just like everyone else, treating her like she didn't have a clue, when once she did. It makes me want to bawl about it. I loved that wonderful woman, my heart cries to think of anyone hurting her.

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Heather said...

What a rotten person! I'm glad you didn't let him cheat you! Ugh I hate people like that!!!