December 15, 2011

Reversible Christmas Capelet

One of my daughter's Christmas presents is a beautiful white organza dress with purple embroidery.  I'm a wear whatever you want type of person.  Maybe that's bad, but if my daughter wants to wear her dresses to school, I say why not?  It's not as though she's bombarded to be a flower girl every other weekend.
Her new dress though is sleeveless, which is a bit of a "no no" for her school's dress code.  What to do, what to do?  Clearly I bought the dress, I knew it would be a problem, but I figured it was so pretty it didn't matter as I'd figure out something.  

Sure enough something hit, ironically a neighbor's niece is getting married this spring.  My neighbor was having a go at making a capelet for one of the girls.  What a pretty little capelet it turned out to be too!  Nice fabric and a beautiful drape.  I didn't make the connection right away, but when I did I started looking for girls free capelet patterns.  My friend Vicki found this one.  Which I love, but it's a bit more of a coat than I was looking for so instead of swinging my circle at 18" instead I checked some of DD's dresses and decided to swing instead at 10".  I left off the collar and instead sewed and flipped like a pillow.  Then I top stitched and added a button.  

Perhaps I should say I added two buttons back to back so that it can be on the pink side or the white side.  The first time I did this (sewing through one button into another) I made it to tight and I could hear the chorus of "the button is to tight" so I cut them off and started again.  This time to ensure I had the space I actually buttoned the button and kept it that way while I sewed through the two buttons - one on each side.  That worked well and I will keep this method in mind for future projects.

This is a super easy project, I think it took between half an hour to an hour, and I had to iron some very wrinkled fabric.  I like the coat part of the pattern too so maybe I'll make a version that way some other time.


Vicki said...

Very cute, I hope DD enjoys wearing it.

Heather Landry said...

I think it turned out adorably! I just know she'll love it and she'll be the prettiest girl at school. I agree that she should wear her dresses if it makes her happy!

QuiltSue said...

She is going to look gorgeous in it, it's so cute.

stitchinpenny said...

What a great solution.