December 04, 2011

Foto Finish: Cold

Yes, it gets cold here.  I promise it does.  But showing pictures with dormant grass and people huddled up shivering just doesn't have the impact that a picture of that dreadful cold snow stuff has.  So instead today I'm showing you a picture of Tiny back in her bottle baby days.  She might have been cold and thereby ended up so puffed up and surrounded by love and covers, but more to the point I think it makes you want to curl up with her after looking at all those pictures of cold.  FYI you'll have to be added to her list of approved people before cuddles are allowed, but you'll do fine, after all momma says you're okay.

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Barbara said...

Oh my gosh. This is adorable! I'm so glad you shared.

stitchinpenny said...

love kitty pictures! Hope all is well with you.