December 18, 2011

Lounge Pants of Two Lengths

My DH dreams of the day I will make silk lounge pants for him.  Trust me this is another year he can keep dreaming.  Instead I found the most beautiful flannel at my LQS, I passed it by the first two visits.  Really I did. Even though I knew better and found myself thinking about it after the first visit.  Well by the third visit the bolt was running low and my LQS does this great little deal that if you buy everything on the bolt you save 20%.  That meant I bought the 2 yards I needed for the pants and got the last 1/2 yard free.  With the way I cut it I was able to make both pants and shorts and had very little scrap leftover.  This is my final Handmade Christmas present this year.  I think.

After the first pair of flannel shorts I made, I now try to always use french seams.  It lets me cheat by keeping my 1/4" foot on and I think it creates a nice finish.  Now after the pair I made something kept tickling in the back of my mind about them - I now make little fabric tags in all of my clothing so that the wearer can know which side is the back. ;-)

1 comment:

stitchinpenny said...

LOve the lounging pants. Someday maybe he will get the silk ones. The shorts are cute.