December 04, 2011

Beginning Quilting on Crayon Quilt

I told myself when I started working on this quilt that I needed to take many photographs.  But the best laid plans of a quilter will often find you with your lap blouse and even hair full of bits of thread.  Currently I have stitched in the ditch of all of the crayons using the color I plan to quilt that strip with.  I have also handwritten the names of each of the children on their selected crayon strips.  My next step will be to quilt over the names with glitter thread.  I've never worked with such a fussy thread before so I've been planning every last detail.

Of course I didn't plan that we would still be full swing in the process of putting up our Christmas items.  So far we have four days invested.  We're decorated outside with lights, inside the tree is up and decorated, and the stockings are hung but no trace of the holidays can be found in terms of garland nor are the other rooms in the house decorated yet.  I haven't even started on my Christmas cards yet.  What bearing does this have on quilting?  Normally nothing except the boxes are piled up in front of my newly shortened, for the holidays, quilt frame so I can't get at it until some of the boxes...  Yes, I knew you'd get it.

What have you been up to lately?  I've missed you what with all this mess clutter, not to mention holiday deadlines.


Vicki said...

The rick rack is a nice touch to the crayon quilt.

stitchinpenny said...

Somehow I skipped this blog. I love the crayons and think all your little touches will make it an amazing quilt for the kids to see what they helped make.