December 07, 2011

Crayon Quilt: Name Quilting

Another good title for this post is "The Sweet Spot", you know when you're doing something and all of the sudden everything clicks into place and things start going really great?  That was exactly what happened to me this morning with the quilting on the Crayon Quilt.  WowWee!  When I hit that spot I could see it in the way the thread was sewing.  This is metallic thread and all I've ever heard is bad things about metallics so of course you know how much zest I approached this quilting with.  Yet after the first couple of names I found the right way to thread my machine wrong in order to allow minimum tension without having to little tension and to allow the thread to spool off the spool form the side as directed by the manufacturer.  Sure enough I can see a visible difference in the names I quilted after I hit the sweet spot and before.  Now all the names are done except for those first two or three that I will requilt.

Now I just need to settle on how I will quilt the rest of the crayons...  Hope you've found your sweet spot today!

1 comment:

Vicki said...

That metallic thread really looks great and congratulations on figuring out the tension to get it to work with your machine!