July 29, 2010

Strings Attached

Row Robin during Quilting (strings attached)
For the past week I've been working on quilting the row robin.  It seems like each time I try to work on this quilt something else happens to make me upset over it.  First it was to long for the wall that it is supposed to hang on which I didn't discover until after I'd made the back to match.  So I removed one of the rows and made a Christmas valance with it.  Now that I'm quilting I have found two holes in my row.  Yes holes!  It looks like someone put a pin in it and then tried to open the quilt up after sewing without removing the pins and tore to matching holes in it.
As posting about such things has always helped me find the answer here I am, posting.  The holes are on the block photographed above center bottom of the dark blue fabric and the teal to the left of the seam where I have marked the red circles?

I'm planning on doing echoes around the applique and embroidered blocks and as I'm not certain about the scrappy blocks I haven't quilted them either.

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