July 04, 2010

To Much of a Good Thing

I have created at least 4 or 5 different layouts for that fabric, and I'm still no closer to figuring out an answer to that pretty fabric.
Late last week Lady Bird brought her babies to see us.  Turns out she has three, two boys and a girl, I can't imagine and I'm rather glad they're her babies and not mine. 
Lady Bird's Daughter was not interested in be photographed and hid behind the bird feeder nearly the entire visit.
It was early in the morning when I saw this beauty out my back door.  This is a Gulf Fritillary on one of our Passion Vine Plants.
These guys are called Carolina Chickadees and they have built a next in the tree outside my DD's room.  It's sweet to hear the little ones chattering.  They are so little and so fast that it's hard to capture one of them in a picture let alone the two.
We also have the Tuffed Titmouse showing up with their little ones.

Isn't that picture funny?  It was one of my attempts at the Carolina Chickadees, and the look on the face of that Tuffed Titmouse was so comical at the swift departure of the Carolina Chickadee, I had to show you.


Vicki said...

Great birds pictures, thanks for sharing. Also a lovely shot of the butterfly on the passion vine. Are you fortunate enough to get passion fruits from your vines with having the butterflies pollenate the plants?

stitchinpenny said...

This morning I finally had a break long enough to read your blogs. The clothes are great, but I am impressed that you sell things on e=bay. Secondly your quilt layout is great, You will figure it out and your heart will sing. and lastly all the wildlife are great. I am partial to butterflies, but now think your birdwatching from your windows is great.