July 17, 2010

Tennessee Waltz for Patisserie?

We have a new DVR, which really means that I'll be able to watch quilt shows when I want to and not 8 am when my life is the busiest.  The first program having the honor of being recorded is Eleanor Burns Tennessee Waltz Part 1.   I had no idea what that meant when I told it to start recording but now I do.  This is a 54-40-Fight Star Block coupled with the Snowball block.   Don't you love the way the apparent curves grace this top?  They only look like curves, they aren't really in case you were worried. 
I really wanted to bring out the green in this print, where as dd wanted me to bring in pink and purple.  To be honest I'm not even certain that the print has any purple in it at all, but it does read that way a tiny bit in the areas where the blue trails around the pink.  So when I was finished I added the ribbon border for a bit of whimsy.  I promise by the time I'm done playing with this quilt, no matter what the mock up looks like, all the math will work for a ribbon border.  Is the lilac a bit to light?  I'm not certain.  To keep the chains calm I went with a blue on white version of the Patisserie from the same line.  They have that as a yellow on white, a pink on white, and then the above blue on white.  Don't hesitate to click on it to see it closer, I know I'm going to.
Yes, I have been working on the Quilt Challenge: If you were a quilt what would you look like project.  Above is what it looks like so far.  I'm at the wait and see crossroads for now.  I think the echos should come out off the red center.  Perhaps using more red or even royal purple.  I'm not certain if these echos should be quilting, beadwork, or embroidery.
This next little ditty is a wall hanging for a friend of the family returning from his tour of duty.  The blocks are friendship star and card trick, I selected the patterns and fabrics based on what the US means to me.  The card trick is Las Vegas, the mask fabric is New Orleans, the fireworks are for 4th of July, denim for Levi Straus, the lighthouses are of course for the coasts, and just to be special I selected the layouts from my Quilt Pink for Hope book.  This one won' grow much bigger but I have a winter tree line fabric that I'd like to include.


QuiltSue said...

I love the Tennessee Waltz pattern. If you go to http://quilttimes.blogspot.com/2009/06/determined.html, you can see mine, The colours did not come out well, and it is now finished and bound in the raspberry colour.

stitchinpenny said...

you have been very busy and planning so much more. I love the wall hanging, what a nice way to say thanks. Dvrs are great, but I find mine filling up with stuff I record and don't have time to watch.

Vicki said...

I love the Tennessee Waltz pattern for your Patisserie fabric. I think you have found the pattern to show off the fabric. I hope it only looks complex to make and really isn't :-) .