July 21, 2010

It's Today, It's Today!

Yes today is indeed the day. The day my little one turns 5. Her father pointed out that means she's been around for half a decade; of course he said this before any morning caffeine.
Last night I needed a project to put my newly repaired - but as yet still not fixed sewing machine - through so I made another dressing gown. I love these, they go so easy and the gussets are so much easier than gathers. It's of course for the birthday girl. The photo was supposed to have her in it, but she was in such a hurry to get dressed this morning, you'll have to settle.

Then DH, my newly 5 year old little girl, her aunt, and uncles and off they went to see Toy Story 3, I stayed home and basted that Christmas Row Robin. Surely that must be against some sort of Quilter’s Code staying home to baste a quilt, after all I've had the supplies for a long while now. But it was more restful this way and hopefully it will mean (regardless of my spur of the moment quilting choice) I'll have plenty of energy for our little party this afternoon.
Speaking of parties check out the cake I baked. It's Funfetti inside and whipped frosting on the outside. I was able to find the Wilton butterfly pan at Michael's and use a Joann's coupon so the pan was only $7.80 after tax. The sprinkles are mostly all sugar, which are DD's favorite with some palm tree sprinkles on the leading edge of the wings just in case you weren't certain it's hot here.
Now while I was writing to you I realized it's been a while since you've seen Lady Bird, the same cannot be said for us. We've been seeing her nearly everyday and often more than once. DH had to clean out the feeder due to a wasp invasion, which caused Lady Bird some trouble for about a day (no seed in the bottom to eat) but as she seems terrified of wasps I'm certain we've been forgiven the inconvenience.


QuiltSue said...

Happy birthday to your growing-up fast daughter.

The cake looks great and I hope she enjoyed the party?

Heather Landry said...

Happy Birthday to Jessica! Your cake and the dress you made her both look amazing!