July 18, 2010

Good Deeds for the Week

I wanted to take a minute to tell you what I did this morning.  As a long time member of Disney Movie Rewards I donated 100 of my points to their "Family Movie Nights DVD Donation".  By doing this I donated a movie to Gifts in Kind International and as Disney is matching the donation to them right now they get two DVDs with my single donation.  As just one Disney movie comes with a points card in it for 100 points that means I bought one movie and donated two all for the price of one movie! 
Do you have any Disney DVDs?  If so check inside them for the points card all expiration dates have been extended so don't worry if it says it's expired, then just follow the directions on the card.  You can donate trees or DVDs or simply sit on your points a while to see what you can earn.

Sometimes donating is hard, I know I've felt that way; "What can I do?  I'm just one person," but every little bit helps.  I switched all of my Ebay auctions to donate 10% of my sales automatically to the ASPCA, which means at least a $1 from every sale goes to help them. I say take that - you sad commercial with all the weepy puppy dogs and cats that I can't afford to adopt. Truly, I hope next time I see that commercial I can smile at least a little bit instead of cry knowing that I helped out too.

I just received a thank you note from Quilts for Kids in the mail the other day as well. I collect thank you notes that I receive for the quilts I donate. I have this idea that one day I will frame them all and decorate my quilting studio with them. You know- for the day when the Studio moves out of the kitchen.

What have you done lately? Oh I know you've done something nice, a donation of old clothes or a quilt perhaps. I happen to know that everyone who stops by this blog is great at donating things. I know you don't talk about it, but you do it all the same. Maybe you feel you could give more but truly every little thing you do helps someone somewhere. Take a minute and tell me about it.


Vicki said...

I was at the local pet food shop this week and they had a box in front of the till to get donations of pet supplies for the local animal shelter. I was going to put a few cans of cat food in for the kitties when the clerk mentioned that they were actually in desperate need of kitty litter. Apparently one of the part time clerks volunteers at the shelter and had called in to let them know that if anyone wanted to donate stuff this is what they really needed. So in addition to some cat food I also bought then some kitty litter. Hey my two kitties are spoiled rotten, so at least I can help out those kitties that aren't as fortunate.

Heather Landry said...

I donate my old beat up towels to the animal shelters for bedding. I've bought the shelter dogs toys too. LOL I give to Vietnam Veterans a lot, and I pass my kids' clothes down to whoever needs them. I LOVE donating stuff. Good for you for donating your Disney points. I didn't see that when I redeemed my points for Jordan's birthday scooter in April.

stitchinpenny said...

I donate food to the shelter, time to the church and find homes for some of my quilts with places or families that have difficulties. The last went to a girl who at 2 months has had 3 heart surgeries.