May 01, 2010

When All of the Math Works Out

This is the latest installment of the back to the 2nd Blessings from Heaven Quilt.  I tell you this much is for sure, I'll be thrilled to have it finished and put what began as overflow from my first quilt behind me.  Today I sewed blocks - 74 blocks to be exact.  These are 6" blocks and are merely a four-patch pattern as you can see.  Both borders with pink in them are done, leaving only the middle pieced border, a mere 36 blocks left.
Have you ever wondered what 74 blocks would look like?  I'm not one to like making something over and over, but today it brought me peace to feel the fabric slip through my fingers.  Perhaps it gave me to much peace as I found myself picking out stitches on more than one block simply because I sewed them together colors matching instead of staggered.
No matter it's progress regardless. Yes, I have created two files to have custom printed with dd's baby picture on it. Two files because that way I can order both and use the one I like the best. I'm not certain if I'll be sticking with Spoonflower, or going with KarmaKraft on this one. There is something about the later, knowing the fabric will be printed squarely, and not shrink... It's worth the extra, if only I could find more positive reviews..


stitchinpenny said...

I did 8 4 patches ans was tired of it by then. I can't even imagine doing the quilt you are doing

QuiltSue said...

That's a heck of a lot of blocks all stacked up there.

MaksiTaksi said...

That are a lot of blocks to make. I like your lay-out. Can';t wait to see it when it's finished.