May 20, 2010

Pretty in there Somewhere

A crazy thing happened. When DD and I were going outside, I asked her to put her flip-flops on but her foot wouldn't fit into the shoe. With flip flops I'm used to the foot hanging off the shoe a bit when it's time for new flops. But not my girl, she wanted a full stepsisters scene from Cinderella, complete with trying to cram the shoe on the foot. I don't know how it happened, certainly she wore them the day before...

So we were on a mission to find new shoes. Flip flops are cheap so after going to to many stores looking for comfortable ones (instead of the ones with the plastic tongue) we found them and we also found these plain white sandals. They were on super sale only $10 and no wonder, they screamed that they needed color, glitter even.
So I gathered up Jessica, her new flip flops and those sad little shoes.  Just look at them now.  No more wedding plain now.
Tips for adding glitter to your shoes: I used my peewee glitters and their brand of fabric glue. I covered the rubber treads with tin foil to protect them from the heat, and stuck them in my cool stoneware pan. Then into a 350-degree oven (heat it up and turn it off completely) allow to "cook" for 30 minutes. When time was up I pulled them out and unwrapped them. I highly recommend it.


stitchinpenny said...

Love the sandals. I think any little girl would feel like a princess in them.

QuiltSue said...

I bet she just loves them now - what little girl wouldn't?