May 14, 2010

Turtle Beadwork needs Your help

I've been doing a bit of beading on the Appliqué Turtle Pillow. I just added the outline around the shell. But now I'm not certain where to go next. Can you help? I have just over an entire tube of the beads left from outlining the shells, which is not enough to outline each piece of shell. I'm not certain where to add those other beads, or should I just take them back and trade them in for something different. What do you think?
I also finished quilting the cat quilt. I ended up adding more quilting than I thought I would. Choosing to quilt around each cat as well as each block. I like the puffy look you see because the quilting.
The baby orchids arrived Wednesday and were all carefully planted by DH. Isn't that mounted one the cutest little thing? As that's not where I'd intended to put it, I think that spot under the grow lights might be to much for my Laelia purpurata var. carnea, so I'll keep an eye on it for a couple of days and if it doesn't like it I'll move it off to be with the Laelia purpurata I already have.
So what's in the humidity tray? Cattleya loddigesii var. alba as well as Cattleya harrisoniana, the hassisoniana's are the oldest being nearly 3 years old. I know! What a shock. We've also had them the longest as they arrived for my birthday last fall. I know those plants very well, as each one is a little different. My current favorite of those is one with 8 leaves that is one of the biggest and reaches as tall as it can towards the new light, but there is also one that arrived with a broken leaf tip (Which it has since lost) and I really enjoy watching how well it is doing.

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Vicki said...

I like where you are going with the turtle pillow. I can see adding some more beads to each of the sections of shell to create a sort of pattern if you know what I mean. Also don't forget to give the turtles some eyes. The cat turned out really cute and your orchids are looking nice and healthy.