May 09, 2010

Super Saturday Shopping

Yeah, yeah Saturday was yesterday.  That seems to be a trend for me these days.  Anyway all though yesterday took a bunch out of me, yesterday was wonderful!  I went fabric shopping!  Joy of Joys!  Thrill of my days!

First up is a Quilt Challenge:  If You Were a Quilt, What would you look like?  You can click on that link or head over to our hostess's blog if all of the details.  Rules?  Well it can be any size and you have to have fun.  The deadline isn't until October 31st so there's plenty of time.
These are my fabrics so far, but I'm not done, as I need at least one more fabric. Mine will be an art quilt, my first real one. To keep the cost of fabrics down mine will be a wall hanging. If you're interested you can follow me along, but I'd recommend you just join in. Who knows what we'll end up with and after all isn't the journey of self-expression the most important part anyway?

I'm going to start work on a Not Tonight Pillow. One side of the pillow will say "Not Tonight" and the other side will say "Maybe" it is to be a bachelorette present for a childhood friend of my sister's. These two greens are the fabrics, isn't that batik beautiful? 
Yes, the greens match, but the only way I could capture the batik was the flash which washed out the colors, so you see the best of the patterns or the best of the color, not both.

While I was shopping I picked up many odds and ends for some of my long time back burner projects so be on the lookout for updates on those. Now get out and enjoy life.

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stitchinpenny said...

Looks like planning new projects was fun. Good luck on all of them.