May 15, 2010

All Pups Great and Small

While I'd intended this to be a quickie project it got stalled for a while in the handyman department.  Now it's out of there and ready to be hung within reach of my sewing machine.
I collect straight pins; I have some that are over 100 years old at well as other more modern ones. I have added them all to a large bit of embroidery I made over a year ago now I think. It's really interesting to see where we've come from with quilting pins. From metal pressed flat and then folded upwards to make a pinhead, to flat head pins dipped to make a larger round head, to now having my personal favorites - our flat head pins.

Yet with all of these I still have the simple harder worker crystal head pins on my shopping list. Why? Well those are the ones that can go under an iron! We're not going to talk about the plastic ones I accidentally melted...

When I was little I used to call my mother's pins circus pins. They were all the colors of the big top and always reminded me of a party. These were short 1 1/4" pins. Aren't you glad we have longer pins to work with now?

What do you collect? That's a question often found on getting to know you lists. I feel like straight pins aren't something most people can relate to. Lucky for me there is always some thing else wanting to collect dust in my house, then of course are those things - the ones someone else thinks I should collect.

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Aunt Spicy said...

Really? Wow! that is never even occurred to me to look at pins...thanks for opening my eyes! Oh, and of course I collect fabric!