May 09, 2010

Never Met

Last night I dreamed I'd never met my husband. It was one of those dreams where you don't know it's not real until you wake up. While I was dreaming I was okay, but when I woke up before I opened my eyes I was filled with loneliness. Thank heavens when I did that mad reach towards the other side of the bed he was there, leaving the dream to fade away.

Odd that I would dream I'd never met him. I met my husband in 1996. My best friend was with me and every time I would mention him she would scream "TO MUCH BAGGAGE!" and "Leave it be!" Being smart I listened to her and off we went.

In 2000 we met again. Are you guessing fireworks? Because if you were you'd be wrong, instead we were acquaintances for over a year, before becoming friends. It was our friendship that grew and spread like wildfire and we've been together ever since.

So was my best friend right? Did he have baggage? Are you kidding? He has a truckload, but I have my own semi truck too. We carry the load together and surprisingly it isn't heavy anymore.


stitchinpenny said...

Everyone ha baggage. The wonderful thing is opening the baggage together and working through your differences. Hope the packing ang sorting continues for the rest of your lives.

Vicki said...

As Stitchinpenny says everyone has baggage and if they think they don't run the other way. I have one friend who was married, now divorced for many years and is looking for Mr. Right and I keep telling her that there is no Mr. Right. you might find Mr. OK and you will have to work things out. Every one will have his issues, his crap, his baggage, what ever you want to call it.

It sounds like you were looking at things from a practical side and if your partner's baggage is workable then it's worth it.