May 08, 2010

Flimsy Friday

Okay Friday was yesterday, but my darling child has become very excited to play on the NickJr. website, which of course means in the afternoons when I'd like to post, the computer is taken. That of course is good and bad because it means I have to find something else to do, but also equals less posts...
Anyway, on to more fun things, like this flimsy! Once I knew how I wanted to piece these blocks from that block challenge oh so long ago, the top went together easily, taking me only about two afternoons. Of course it's been a long road getting to this point.
This top will be a wall hanging, and as I plan to use a Mylar backed batting I wont be quilting it very much. It just seems like the less holes in the Mylar the better. Each cat has an embroidered face, and button eyes. I don't have enough of the batik to bind it, so I'll be looking for a close match today while I'm out fabric shopping.

Next week another batch of seedling orchids will be arriving from Troy, so we had to get ready for them by making space, while I was at it I discovered we were having a bit of a light shortage for the junior Cattleyas that were already up there. The handyman in my life took it upon himself to make this new setup complete with the baskets for anyone of decent size, complete with the Cherry Humidity Tray and the Full Spectrum Fluorescent Lighting. I love the new set up and in fact the orchids already living there have started to reach for the new light.
Have a wonderful weekend, to all the women I know and love be you mothers or not, you're all great in my book.


stitchinpenny said...

Somehow I missed the orchids. A woderful, but demanding hobby. I love the cats - window pane style makes them look even more exotic.

Heather Landry said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too! Your orchid set up looks fabulous!