August 25, 2008

Projects Golore Anyone?

What have I been up to? Well in no particular order, I finished the little girls bonus dress that Loretta sent me in a care package a while back. I certainly learned from this piece! I'm guessing it is 6-12 months, it is trimmed with satin ribbon on the puffy sleeves, has a peter pan collar and I used five hand sewn snaps down the back - because when dear daughter was little I thought snaps were the easiest. The snaps run the entire length of the back so it will be very easy to get in and out of. The size is quite generous so I don't think it needs bloomers. I'm not sure, maybe I will give it away. It feels like one of those things that you make an hold on to, and when the time to pass it on comes along, you'll know.

Next I did some more work on my pj's they look less and less like the movie they are inspired by every time I touch them. Joann's has natural muslin on sale one 10 yard bolt for $20 with 97"-98" widths, so I'll be making the skirt with that. I figure two layers should do it.

Next for your viewing pleasure this is my attempt at a basket. Remember how I mentioned hexagons? Well I cut about 50 1" hexagons with blue roses centered on them and I'm planning to make an art quilt with a basket overflowing with said roses. I sewed tubes so I wont have to use as many stitches which might make it feel less nice on the completed quilt. I'm not certain about the white uprights on the basket, that is fabric from the blue lattice quilt I made for my sister, since I'm thinking this art quilt will go on the reverse side I thought it would be nice to use that fabric, BUT I bought extra to bind it in and I'm a bit afraid if I use any more than scraps on the basket it will cut into my binding material and I wont have enough. I was thinking perhaps DH can get me some 1/4" rayon piping/rope and I can tea dye it, what do you think?

It wasn't until yesterday that I came to the realization that both of my neutral colors both in the red quilt and the aforementioned white uprights are both quest for the cure fabrics which means proceeds went to help find a cure for breast cancer, wont that be a nice noteworthy part of these quilts for two women in my life who I love dearly?

The next item is not something I made at all, okay well I dreamed up the idea. This is a wooden cat scratcher deluxe size, because Sunny loves to sit on the cardboard scratchers while he scratches. The added weight of his own body allow him to put more umph, into his scratching. Since Jessica always destroys the cardboard boxes I requested DH make one sized to fit the refills. I personally think it's beautiful and that we should offer it up for sale on ebay, but it's part oak so it is very heavy and DH says while it looks good it isn't good enough to sell.

The cat I tried to catch to have spayed last month has indeed managed to get herself pregnant again. I have no idea what to do about that, and even though it's really the entire neighborhood's problem I'm not certain what - if anything that I should do. I dreamed about a white and cream or perhaps it was white with a tiny bit of black last night, it was teetering on my patio table. The sight of it made my eyes fly open and I even went to the window to check and see if there really was a kitten there. Of course there wasn't.

Mom is still wishing desperately for a new kitten to call her own. The right cat simply hasn't come along yet. She has even told me she feels bad for continuing to bring it up. The answer of the feral mother having a kitten and it going to mom might be the quick down and dirty answer, but it's not a real answer. Should her kittens survive to their birth there is no telling what will happen to them after that, the odds of her mother leaving one for me the way Sunny's mother left Tiny I would say is nearly impossible, and I would have to find it if she did. More likely one or none will survive to being out of the nest and it will be at least as wild as it's momma. Oh and this little girl is long haired like Sunny, and my mom is certain she doesn't want a long haired cat. I suppose it's all a case of wait and see and live and let be.


Heather said...

I think the little dress came out adorable. You did a great job!

I think the wooden cat scratch pad is an awesome idea! Why wouldn't you sell it on ebay? I think it's neat!

Jessica's mom said...

Thank you, I learned so much putting it together. I recieved it a couple months ago and held off making it until I had a little less on my plate so I could get it done propertly. That isn't to say... Well I accidently sewed the sleeve into the side of the dress, but I seam ripped it and of course it's great now. ;)

We'll have to see about the scratcher, maybe he can make it better with pine that isn't scrap that wouldn't weight so much. Sunny just loves it. I have photos with him all over it. And because DH built it, it's plenty strong for the play Jessica does on it too!

Heather said...

You have an award on my blog!!! Check it out chickie!