March 31, 2012

March New FO Posting

Today is the last day of March, can you believe it?  I can.  Truly it seems like only a short time ago we were selecting DH's vacation time and April seemed rather far off, sure will be nice having him around more for the next week.

This has been a good month both New FO and FO wise.  I revisited the Hawaiian Applique Turtle Quilt, and decided to scale back.  Instead of it being a Full/Double bed size quilt, I opted for a Twin size instead, and then started and finished up the last two blocks needed.  I also made an entire pieced back and have everything waiting on the frame.  As you can see from the pictures Tiny likes this one and just when I thought I had everything ready to go I found she'd made herself a bed between the rails.  I'll need to fix that before I start quilting.  Someone once told me that's why they use zippers for attaching quilts to the frame, that way when they are done for the day they can just unzip one side of the quilt.  Yet, I was sure it would take her more than 6 hours to find the frame had a quilt on it again...
Though that wasn't what I'd intended as my March FO.  You see I have long wanted to take apart one of the cat water filters, which I have to buy on a regular basis, make a new one with natural batting and fresh carbon.  Call me crazy but I just had to do it.  I used to know someone who owned an aquarium business as well as maintaining some of the not going to name drop big tanks in Orlando.  Well, I ran my idea by him and the consensus was that my theory was sound - if a bit spend thrift and so after all this time I did it.  I seem to have deleted the picture I took for you though so when I make another one I'll photograph that one.

Hope you had a great March and that April will be even better.  Did you do anything new this month?  Why not take a minute to join us and drop your name in the hat for one of the quilters pins Barbara at Cat Patches is giving away?


Barbara said...

This is gorgeous. Cats are so funny, aren't they?

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yes, this is just gorgeous! I think I could only tackle a pillow so you have me in awe.

Judee said...

Love your colors!

Heather Landry said...

Your quilt back looks amazing so far!!! I really think that Tiny thinks that's HER quilt.