March 10, 2012

Christmas Quilt-a-Long Year 3 March Checkin

I'm here I'm here!  I'm likely the last one to make checkin today, but we are have a Quilt Show in my neck of the woods this weekend, and I have been busy having breakfast out and gabbing about the wonders of the show that I saw yesterday on opening day.

These are my quilting finds from the show.  Are my little pink cat thread snips cute?  The fabric is the new Paula Nadelstern panel in her Patternista collection.  I bought 3 panels, so I have 18 of these beautiful kaleidoscope circles. **Updated 9/12/2012 ~ The basis for my Mandala Quilt

The thread though that was a real gem of a find.  Seems up the road "a-ways" is a dealer who actually sells Superior Thread locally.  She didn't have any So Fine in the blues I was looking for, so I went with the Omni in the Wintergreen just because.  Sure looks like it could match whatever I plan those panels for hu?

So let's get started!  It's Christmas Quilt-a-long Day and Joanna is our hostess.  If you join now you could even steal my title of latest quilter of the day!


Joanna said...

You are so lucky to have a quilt show to visit. There will be one in the next state next month that I hope to get to and it will be my first show.
Love your goodies from the show.

Donna said...

Welcome. The Paula Nadelstern panel is outstanding. I'm off to see if I can find it online. Happy quilting.

QuiltSue said...

Hello, I did wonder where you were today. That fabric looks great. I wonder what you'll turn that into? I love Superior threads, and so do all my machines. The pink cat is (are) great fun.

Lesley said...

It's never too late to join this happy crew! That fabric is stunning...and the scissors so cute! Lucky you!

Vicki said...

Your cat scissors are so cute. The Paula Nadelstern fabric is very vibrant, should make for a very interesting quilt. Looks like you had fun at the show.

merumo said...

Quilt Show visiting is always exciting, isn't it?