January 03, 2012

Steady I Go

Today I was happy to be stitching and listening to music two of my favorite things. I was thrilled for the Wii and my husband being off work to indulge in becoming a crazy exercise beast with my daughter.
Lone Star Strip Sets
I sewed three complete strip sets that means six are done with only two more to make. UGH! That 6th strip set - really got to me. I sewed in one single pair of strips in upside down and then couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. It takes a while to un-sew 42". When I was finished I was adding the new strips to the old ones and got myself all confused again and had to get out the chart. Can we all say B*R*E*A*T*H*E? After settling down with the chart and having everything suddenly start working I can honestly say I now understand why some quilt tv shows say "make a swatch chart".

A Swatch Chart, a Patch Up, no matter what you call it I have never made one. Never felt the need either... But this quilt is different and I do wish in my pattern searching I had read the words "make a chart for yourself!!" LOL. Sew and Learn right?

Now the last time I posted a picture I didn't mention, these strip sets are actually offset on one end, so the first strip hangs off by 2" and then the next by another two inches so they make steps. When I cut them it will be on the diagonal at 45 degrees doing that will make them stop looking like a dratted Bargello and instead look more like the Lone Star Quilt they will become as the squares become trapezoids that way.

Sue's Lone Star Support Group's first online pow-wow is Saturday.  To say I'm looking forward to it is a bit of an understatement.


QuiltSue said...

Your tip about the paste-up sheet is very useful. That's the sort of thing I skip generally!

Vicki said...

Oh I have also sewn things on upside down and then wondered why does this look weird? I would stare at it, and stare at it and then just would have to walk away for awhile. Then I would come back and it was so obvious I would just have to laugh and then go find that seam ripper.

Good luck in keeping all your strips going in the right direction.