January 07, 2012

Evening Time: Slumber Party

Sunny Sleeping
I didn't sew at all today.  Though I did get another strip set cut.  Five down three to go.  Everyone here wants to call it a night and I thought I'd share what that looks like.  Any wonder why I said a Sunny moment might happen to my bias edges?
Tiny watching from nearby

Just look at them on my uncut strips.  This is where I found both of them after popping into the sewing room after dinner.  I sound unhappy about it but the truth is they are welcome.  I haven't seen both cats in the sewing room together in quite a while.


Hazel said...

I can't be cross for long when I find my two boys curled up on my quilting either!

I love the colours that you are using for your Lone Star - I would never have thought to put the brown in with those turquoise and blue stripes, but it goes brilliantly! Something is tellling me that maybe I should get out of my colour comfort zone every now and then!

Lynn said...

I love your colors! Your cats are adorable. I love cats, but I'm allergic to them. Sadly, no cats for me.