January 07, 2012


Have you ever seen the words "Handle these carefully to avoid stretching the bias edges?"  I don't know about you but they fill me with more than a little bit of dread.  As my daughter would say incredulously "Really?"  After all I made them carefully, I pressed them carefully.  Now I have to handle them carefully?  And if I'm not careful enough?  What if the cat comes through and has a Sunny moment?

Through the kind support of my neighbor Linda and my friend Vicki I found starch.  What is this something more you have to buy that will cost money?  Well yes and no.  According to my neighbor all kinds of spray starch are pretty much the same and as long as the cheapest brand (under $2 for a large can) doesn't send your nose running for the hills you're set.  So far I am still on my first can, and I'm using it for my second quilt with those bias edges.

Why talk about this now?  Now those words are in the directions for my strip pieced Lone Star Quilt pattern, so rather than face the fear of trying to handle the strips carefully I just read that scary sentence instead to say, "use starch" and so far everything is working out well that way.

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Debbie said...

I'm assuming you make big diamond sections from your strips. Just in case it hasn't been mentioned somewhere before...also avoid putting your big sections up on a design wall Gravity takes a toll there too. Lay everything flat to store...no draping over the back of a chair. I have been taught to use sizing instead of starch...bugs are attracted to starch. Sizing works the same and is normally a few cents cheaper...right by the starch on the store shelves. I'm enjoying your progress on this project.