January 07, 2012

Lone Star Quilt-a-long

Strips Sets Cut into Diamonds
Good Morning.  What a great day!  The sun is shining, it didn't freeze last night, I have the laundry going, and I have just finished cutting half of my strip sets for my Lone Star Quilt.  That means you can see the spunky changes my strip sets have made.

Unlike the gorgeous quilt that Sue is planning, the diamonds that make up my star will begin and end on that deep fuschia/purple fabric.  It sure is a change to see the strip sets change into diamonds isn't it?

In case you are wondering I am using a free pattern I found which you can find here.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record Fabric "H" only needs 5/8 of a yard of fabric to be cut into 8 strips not the 16 listed.  But other than that it seems like a nice pattern.  Clear and easy to follow.
The 45 degree angle for cutting the diamonds
What is a Lone Star Quilt to you?  What do you think of when you see a Lone Star Quilt?  It's clearly a traditionally pieced quilt but can be made with so many different variations as to create a truly unique and modern quilt. Have you ever seen a Broken Star?  Now there is a quilt I wish I had the fabric to make.  Here you can see the Broken Star that inspired me to make my own Lone Star Quilt.  At the ease of which this one is going so far, knock wood, maybe the Broken Star will be in my future too...

Take a look at the pattern I'm using.   I only needed to add two fabrics to my stash for the star points and it doesn't cost anything to see if it is something you can do.   Now is the time with Sue and her friend creating this great support circle for all of us.  Happy Sewing!


Lynn said...

Your colors are very striking. It is going to be beautiful!

QuiltSue said...

What beautiful colours you're using. You're making it seem so easy, I can hardly wait for my fabrics to arrive!

I love the Broken Star too, and debated about that, but somehow managed to remind myself to start "simple"!

Barbara said...

Look at you go! Beautiful colors.

BilboWaggins said...

Gorgeous colours, love the magenta accent on the bottom tip.

Vicki said...

Now this is the way to make a Lone Star quilt. I've seen some people where they have cut each diamond individually and then sew then all back together and the thought of that kind of intensive sewing did not appeal to me. This strip method looks doable. I like the bit of purple that will be at the tip of your Lone Star, I think it will make the design pop.

The broken Lone Star looks pretty amazing. There must be a strip method for that as well.

Jayne said...

OMG!! Your choice of colors is magnificent! I am a total sucker for those blues, and the fuschia point is perfect. What a delicious quilt! The actual pattern for my Lone Star is the Broken Star. I am using the same exact colors as the ones in the pattern. (No imagination here!)Won't this be fun?!