January 02, 2012

Lone Star Free Pattern Details

Now as I mentioned I didn't want to share the free patten I found until I'd tried it my self but at the request of a follower I'm a going to share it with you now.  For The Free Lone Star Strip Pieced Pattern I am using click this link.  Please keep in mind I have already found one slight issue/error.  The pattern says Fabric H needs 1 1/2 yards of fabric to make 16 strips.  This is an error and should instead state that Fabric H needs 5/8th of a  yard for a total of 8 strips.  To verify my correction you can look at the letter layout grid and count the number of "H's" in Step 1.  This is just an honest error and I do not expect more as I continue as the directions seem quite clear.

I have been sick for the past three days with what I hope is a short lived bug so I have not done any additional work since those three strip sets I sewed the other day.  I myself am only to Step 2.  It was my intention to contact the owner of the site and share my progress and see about asking her to correct the strip requirement but even though I have combed through the entire site I don't see a way to contact her.

PhotobucketIf you're interested in making your own Lone Star Quilt no matter which pattern you'd like to use, I found out today that Sue and Jayne are in cahoots over a quilt along, in which the sole purpose is to share monthly progress and encourage each other.  Here is the link to Sue's Post and she tells me she will be hosting this Saturday, but there are no deadlines so no rush!

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